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Collaboration: The key to successful distributed development 2

Posted on 17, June 2013

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Overcoming the challenges of distributed development

by Michael Railton Challenges are just opportunities to think differently Offshoring has its horror stories. Many of them resulting from putting the desire to drive cost down ahead of the desire to deliver against business benefit. Throwing specs “over the fence” may be cheap, but there is often significant business upheaval in the wake of a poorly built software system. The cost of correction (in the software) and disruption (in the business) is often significantly greater than would’ve been incurred had a smarter approach to working as a team been pursued from the outset. Effective collaboration within distributed development teams is [&hellip

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Project architecting for anti-progress 1

Posted on 15, May 2013

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2013 05 14 post wordle

by Chuka Madukwe At the outset of every engagement, we spend time architecting the project to ensure that there is alignment between the organisation’s strategy, the proposed deliverable of the project and the approach to be adopted. Over the years, we’ve seen many, uhm, less than optimal practices across the industry. We decided to write them up in a “cheat sheet” for project architects. Project architecting for anti-progress Make roles and responsibilities unclear. In fact, why even consider them at all? Just assign people to the project and hope that they will get on with it. This way, the real “diamonds [&hellip

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