We bridge the gap between business and IT.

Business analysis

Our core capability is business analysis, this enables our consultants to play transformative roles on projects at all stages of the delivery lifecycle. Our global experience in detailed analysis (process, data, systems) has resulted in a significant track record of ensuring that a business is supported in making informed and accurate decisions on their investments.

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Obsessing about project delivery

BSG’s engagement model is based on outcomes-based planning where these outcomes are tightly coupled with the benefits case. BSG makes use of tailored PRINCE2® governance procedures to ensure effective delivery and reporting against plans. All projects have a risk based tailored governance plan.

All projects are supported by a BSG Projects Office. The responsibility of the Projects Office is to assure that risks and issues are being proactively managed in the context of the benefits case. Additionally, the Projects Office performs a governance and quality assurance function, ensuring that there is ongoing focus to the “mechanics” of operating the project (e.g. progress reporting, exception management, risk scoring, etc.).

What we do/

Distributed development

BSG operates a distributed development framework to support delivery of bespoke software solutions to clients. The hub of our software solutions practice is based in South Africa, where we have instituted a world class development environment.

In a recent project we designed and developed a capital adequacy modelling tool. Design was undertaken by business analysts within our UK team and development by our software development team in South Africa. The close relationship between design and development allowed the client to benefit from the benefits of an offshoring model while addressing some of the recognised shortcomings.

The system was designed, built and implemented on time and to budget. Since implementation, the user base has doubled (within a tightly controlled user community) giving evidence to the benefits of the redesigned system. The system is still under SLA with BSG.

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Compliance led change

The ever-changing regulatory environment has resulted in massive backlog of change that needs to be designed and implemented. All too often compliance projects start with a specific endpoint - ensure that we get the relevant tick in the relevant box to allow us to continue operating. As a business case, “compliance” is pretty bullet-proof. Those billion pound fines aren’t well received by shareholders and the notion of criminal liability is not appealing to bankers. But is ticking a box enough?


Blending our understanding of financial services with our cross-silo process view allows to consider compliance change more holistically than advisors looking to simply tick boxes when addressing regulatory change. We're well positioned to help our clients understand and implement the people, process and systems changes that are required in order to respond to regulatory change.

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