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BSG (UK) reflections on the IRM Business Analysis Conference Europe 2013 0

Posted on 9, October 2013

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Authored by Olumide Mosuro and David Reinhardt BSG (UK) Business Analysts recently attended the Business Analysis Conference Europe 2013. Shortly after the conference, the BSG delegates collectively identified a number of trends which cropped up across the conference topics. BAs and leadership There were a number of talks focused on the BAs role in organisational leadership and / or how leadership skills can improve the capability of BAs to influence change. Naturally, these positions go hand-in-hand because they, in effect, a virtuous cycle. Although – BAs and project practitioners – we’ve instinctively known this for some time, we take the [&hellip

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BSG (UK) reflections on the UNICOM Business Analysis Conference 2013 0

Posted on 30, September 2013

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Authored by Andras Rusznyak Consultants from BSG recently attended a Business Analysis conference hosted by Unicom. Shortly after the conference, the BSG delegates collectively identified some key themes which were evident in a number of the presentations. Talk to the customer Our world is shifting and decisions are no longer made behind closed doors between Business and IT. At least they shouldn’t be. Customers are increasingly using online channels and leaving their footsteps in the front-end systems of every organisation. If IT people can observe these steps they’ll get a better understanding of the customers. Profiles, personas and behavioural pattern data is [&hellip

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Did BAs become irrelevant when business learned to code? 1

Posted on 19, September 2013

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New world order

David Reinhardt, BSG Principal Consultant, presented a talk titled “Did BA’s become irrelevant when business learned to code?” at a recent industry conference. The talk examines the progression of the relationship between Strategy, Business, IT and the Customer. We love to talk about this. Please make contact if you would like to discuss any of the ideas in this presentation.   In the run-up to the conference, David also authored a blog post talking about the role of trust and the transition from a specification/control world to a process/trust world. Read it here

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Project architecting for anti-progress 1

Posted on 15, May 2013

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by Chuka Madukwe At the outset of every engagement, we spend time architecting the project to ensure that there is alignment between the organisation’s strategy, the proposed deliverable of the project and the approach to be adopted. Over the years, we’ve seen many, uhm, less than optimal practices across the industry. We decided to write them up in a “cheat sheet” for project architects. Project architecting for anti-progress Make roles and responsibilities unclear. In fact, why even consider them at all? Just assign people to the project and hope that they will get on with it. This way, the real “diamonds [&hellip

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Benefits pyramid 0

Posted on 20, February 2013

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In the context of BA’s as agents of change, it is essential that there is clear line of sight between the organisation’s strategy and the change to be introduced by the project. The benefit(s) are the descriptions of what measurable improvement will be introduced by a particular change initiative. This tool helps identify (and track) traceability from strategy all the way through to the change delivered by a specific project. BSG (UK) Benefits pyramid version 1 from BSG (UK)

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BSG’s reflections on the UK IIBA Survey 2012 0

Posted on 6, February 2013

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For the second year running, the UK International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA) published the results of an industry-wide Business Analysis survey. For that same second time round, the BSG BA team, many of whom completed the survey questionnaire, reviewed the results and discussed some observations. BSG (UK) – Reflections on 2012 IIBA BA survey version 1 from BSG (UK)

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