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Benefits pyramid 0

Posted on 20, February 2013

in Category tools and techniques


In the context of BA’s as agents of change, it is essential that there is clear line of sight between the organisation’s strategy and the change to be introduced by the project. The benefit(s) are the descriptions of what measurable improvement will be introduced by a particular change initiative. This tool helps identify (and track) traceability from strategy all the way through to the change delivered by a specific project. BSG (UK) Benefits pyramid version 1 from BSG (UK)

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Blinded by the plan, ignoring the benefits – David Reinhardt 0

Posted on 22, June 2012

in Category practitioner experience


I fear the wrath of project managers everywhere when I write that delivery against planned timelines is unimportant. The success of a project does not depend on whether the changes were implemented by some, often random, predetermined date. The success of a project depends solely on whether the benefits promised (and paid for) were delivered. It amazes me how often this perspective gets overlooked, never at the outset of the project of course. In the heady early days, it’s all about benefits models and the associated business case. It’s usually once the project gets underway that the focus slowly shifts [&hellip

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