Our people

We employ industrious and passionate people with an entrepreneurial spirit. We encourage them to share their views, challenge our thinking, take responsibility, share knowledge and deliver quality. BSG provides an environment that is challenging and fosters a culture that supports growth and development. Our company is dynamic, successful and growing so we are constantly on the look-out for more talent.

What we look for

Implementing change is all about working with people to understand their needs and reservations. Our people need to have the ability to build strong and empathetic relationships which allow us to tackle tough questions together. When recruiting we look for bright, talented people with great track record, appropriate technical skills and, most importantly, who embody the BSG values.

Our alumni

We have created a LinkedIn group to engage our alumni community. BSG news and updates are sent through the group and we welcome all BSG UK alumni to use it as a place to "keep in touch" and for professional networking.