Career growth at BSG

Building the careers of people within BSG is the means by which we build our capability to deliver to clients. Our passion for change is about developing our people to reach their potential as practitioners of change.

Career development

BSG’s career development model has three driving forces:

  • Long term ambitions are discussed with a career manager
  • Medium term ambitions are translated into contribution areas which are used to measure performance
  • Immediate opportunities to realise long and medium term ambitions translated into project level contribution areas

Support structures to develop careers include a bespoke intranet tool to manage project goals, the performance contract and career goals, the availability of a mentor, a new starter buddy scheme and experienced coaches to support people with particular growth opportunities.

Leadership development

BSG has integrated the The Leadership Pipeline model into our approach of identifying and nurturing leaders in our organisation (Ref: The Leadership Pipeline: Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter, James Noel). The key principles are around identifying when people are likely to shift from managers of self to managers of others and thus developing their skills set accordingly.

On-going career development

BSG has experience shaping BA careers, both addressing the technical skills required to build up the foundation of a career as a BA as well as specialist skills that become more important as ones career develops.

We recently delivered a talk to the IIBA on managing BA careers beyond the 5 year itch, to view this presentation visit


BSG offers training opportunities that take into account the employee's specific short-term and long-term career goals. Employees with relevant leadership and specialist skills will be given the opportunity to advance their potential in a supportive environment.