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Regulatory projects are commonplace, but should we give them special treatment? 0

Posted on 13, January 2014

in Category bsg insight

Iron Triangles

Do you remember the story of Eva and Tim? Refresh your memory here. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to Eva’s predicament, there are a series of dimensions which she can consider to help shape how she chooses to respond. In this post, we explore those dimensions. In our experience helping clients with compliance projects, we’ve noticed some fundamental aspects in which these regulatory change initiatives are different from other business-driven change initiatives. We thought we’d share 5 of the most distinctive differences, which you might have already considered in Eva’s struggle. Drop dead dates Deadlines are fixed and set externally. [&hellip

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Collaboration: The key to successful distributed development 2

Posted on 17, June 2013

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Overcoming the challenges of distributed development

by Michael Railton Challenges are just opportunities to think differently Offshoring has its horror stories. Many of them resulting from putting the desire to drive cost down ahead of the desire to deliver against business benefit. Throwing specs “over the fence” may be cheap, but there is often significant business upheaval in the wake of a poorly built software system. The cost of correction (in the software) and disruption (in the business) is often significantly greater than would’ve been incurred had a smarter approach to working as a team been pursued from the outset. Effective collaboration within distributed development teams is [&hellip

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Do workplace politics destroy Agile principles on documentation? – Ryan Knapton 0

Posted on 30, March 2011

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Do workplace politics destroy Agile principles on documentation

Politics is a tricky business. When I think of a politician I am reminded of a cowboy trying to herd cattle – they know where they want to take everyone, it’s just rather hard to get everyone to go in their chosen direction. Blood, sweat and tears are involved in the dusty world of influencing people, and all too often, business analysts forget their cowboy hats at home. Human nature inherently means that we want to be heard and have our opinions counted. If our thoughts are not listened to, we tend to feign interest regardless of the outcome. Politicians [&hellip

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