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Business Systems Group (UK) is passionate about being a proactive force for positive change. Our clients have a deep understanding of their organisations’ strategic intentions – their “why”. We have observed that many of these organisations struggle in the gap between intentions and delivery – the how, what, when and who of delivering against strategic ambitions.Addressing this is all about designing practical programmes and projects, which will deliver the “why”. Programmes and projects need to have a clear, strategy aligned, benefits case. Executing change is about working in the detail of these projects to reliably deliver the business needs. It is about acting as the bridge between the business stakeholders and the technology implementation.BSG is a medium-sized, well established business and IT consulting firm with service capability from project inception through to implementation. BSG’s core skill is business analysis – bridging the gap between business and IT stakeholders. This enables BSG Business Analysts to play transformative roles on projects at all stages of the delivery lifecycle.

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What we're saying

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To lead the business through change, it is essential to be able to communicate with different stakeholder groups using the right tools and techniques. We believe Business Analysts need to learn to “speak analyst”. Doing this not only helps bridge the gap between the business and IT domains, but also propels us to higher levels of value delivery.

Benefits linked engagements

BSG’s engagement model is outcomes-based, with various tools supporting the scoping, planning, management and delivery of projects. We preserve an execution mindset that focuses on doing what the business needs rather than simply delivering the plan.

BSG globally

BSG UK is part of a global group that operates in Europe & South Africa. This distribution of talent affords us the capacity to deal with a range of business issues through our knowledge management approach which allows us to propagate expertise within our analysts, project managers and change consultants. We also operate a distributed development framework to efficiently deliver technology solutions with our experienced software developers and system architects.