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Insights from the African retail credit market 0

Posted on 14, January 2014

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On a recent engagement for a global retail bank, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel to 10 of the African countries in which they operate. The project entailed examining the source of poor debt quality in the region and focused on collections and recoveries operations. Following a three month project, we noted a number of common issues facing banks across the 10 countries. It is felt that overcoming these issues will offer significant benefits in terms of portfolio profitability, debt quality and customer service to name a few, but is it as simple as that? Lack [&hellip

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Cyclists and bankers – tainted by the same brush? 0

Posted on 22, April 2013

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Cyclists and bankers

There’s been a lot of banter recently about ‘banking culture’, how it’s all wrong and it’s at the heart of many of the bank’s problems – particularly that of investment banks. The industry has become synonymous with society’s ills – greed, immorality, recklessness – and bankers are emblazoned in scandal. They’re responsible for everything from miss-selling insurance products to being conduits for money laundering and rigging Libor (or, if you like, Lie-bor). All of this comes in the wake of a financial meltdown. Caused by bankers. Saved by the taxpayer

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