How we do it

We speak analyst

To lead the business through change, it is essential to be able to communicate with different stakeholder groups using the right tools and techniques. We believe Business Analysts need to learn to “speak analyst”. Doing this not only helps bridge the gap between the business and IT domains, but also propels us to higher levels of value delivery.

As experienced consultants, we understand the mind-set of analysis and the notion of “analyst” as a language with its accompanying the tools, techniques and constructs. At BSG we recognise the need to be unconsciously competent at speaking “analyst” and this has powered our successful engagements with clients.

One of our consultants presented a paper titled Learn to speak analyst based on these principles at the 2012 BA Conference Europe. Click here to read the paper notes.

Benefits oriented

BSG’s engagement model is based on outcomes-based planning with various tools that support the scoping, planning, management and delivery of projects. We preserve an execution mindset that focuses on doing what the business needs rather than simply delivering the plan.

Whenever we engage with clients, we work hard to articulate and maintain a clear benefits case. This becomes a great sounding board at various points during the project’s lifecycle where changes to scope, cost and quality are inevitable.

Tailored governance

BSG makes use of tailored PRINCE2® governance procedures to ensure effective delivery and reporting against plans. All projects have a risk based tailored governance plan. We recognise the uniqueness of each project which drives our willingness to structure control mechanisms to enable agility while maintaining best practices in each engagement.