The difference

We are passionate about effecting positive change for our clients and their customers. Practically, this means ensuring that the benefits case is clear and that all our work is consistent with it. Where this is not happening, we will challenge ourselves and our client to ensure that there is continued value in delivering the project at hand.

Benefits focus

Our projects always start with ensuring that the benefits case is unambiguous. This may already exist in the investment case, it may require a 10 minute conversation or it may mean that our first engagement is a business case. In all instances, it ensures that there is clarity around what the project is trying to achieve and provides a basis for all subsequent decision making within the project.

Results, not documentation

At BSG, we focus on implementing and embedding change to achieve objectives, and not on delivering documentation. It is important to ensure that requirements are defined; however, our ultimate goal is not to deliver definition, it is to deliver results and for our clients to realise benefits.


We work with our clients in blended teams which combines client knowledge and external input to achieve the best outcome. This also results in leaving knowledge behind rather than creating dependence on external consultants.

“BSG tailored their methodology to our business need. This means we benefited from a theoretical foundation supported by analytical experience while also ensuring that the approach was fit-for-purpose in the context of our business needs and project team.” – Andy Wren, Head of IT, Angel Trains


We encourage an attitude to challenge the old, innovate and explore new ideas.


We take responsibility for resourcing the project and for delivering outputs in line with our clients’ expectations.


We take a principles-led approach to application of our methodology. We have a structured and detail-oriented approach in our toolkit. This is based on a blend of industry best practice and our experience. We tailor the application of the methodology to the problem at hand and the clients’ context.

“BSG always operates with a strong customer mind-set, putting the bigger picture first. This allows BSG to be recognised as a trusted advisor, consistently adding value through both detailed project work and strategic oversight”
 – Mark Lenton, Head of Business Transformation, RS Components

Product independence

We are one of the very few consultancies that have taken a decision not to be affiliated with any technology product or vendor. This is means that our analysis is unbiased and objective because we are not trying to fit a preconceived solution to the problem at hand.


We employ exceptional people and use a structured project review process to ensure the highest quality products are delivered


We attract some of the best talent because of our empowering culture, and our care and growth career development model.