Culture and values

We are a principle driven organisation. Our value set, created by the whole organisation, underpins our interactions with our customers and ourselves. They are reinforced internally in our culture and our reward structures. The respect that emanates from being true to these values is reflected in the strength of relationships we create within our organisation, with our clients and within the greater community.

BSG's values

Having access to information and being able to voice opinions, make suggestions, raise concerns and honestly communicate how one feels about something. 

Recognising that working together delivers better results than working apart. Making a concerted effort to create an environment that celebrates diversity and is conducive to teamwork. 

Being aware of other people, the environment and one’s own impact on these.  Actions that demonstrate consideration for the feelings, thoughts, beliefs, values and needs of others. 

Ensuring that methods are pragmatic and solutions are achievable by taking into account the reality of where the business is and approaching problems in a clear and simple way. 

Keeping focused on our clients' needs by being aware of priorities within a business, keeping promises, delivering value and being committed to quality.